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20 May

Bruxism: Symptoms, Causes, And Effective Treatment Options

Do you frequently wake up with a jaw or headache and fail to identify the cause? You can be a sufferer of bruxism – a widespread disorder that is often neglected. Grinding teeth, also called bruxism, is an involuntary clenching or grinding of the teeth during sleep and may result in a number of unpleasant […]


7 Oct

Amazing Benefits Of Regular Dental Care

Dental Care is one of the most underrated yet significant parts of our overall health. Some of the most common reasons why people often ignore their dental health is because of dental anxiety, cost issues or even hectic schedules. They prefer going to the dentist mostly in case of severe pain that might lead to […]


8 Feb

Is Bottled Water Bad For Your Teeth?

The human body is made up of over 70 per cent water and therefore depends on water to maintain the organs and flush toxins out of the body. But, we all know that.  What some of you might not know is that the fluoride present in your water helps prevent tooth decay and builds strong […]


12 Nov

9 questions to ask your dentist before your kids go under sedation

No benefits of anaesthesia outweigh the risks of sedation to your kids if you have no correct general knowledge about the procedure. Over the years, several blunders in sedating children during their dental procedures have led to misfortune circumstances. You might think of getting the most experienced dentist or never getting your child sedated. But […]


28 May

How is Tooth Filling Beneficial in Preventing Tooth Decay?

The dental filling process is always beneficial as they save the tooth and also prevent it from decaying further. In a normal course when the teeth are decayed the tooth fillings help to restore the teeth from further damage. Dental fillings are of different materials and can be used as per the requirements.      […]


18 May

Dental Implants – Surgery, Advantages, Risks, and Insurance Questions

Dental implants are considered to be the best solution today for replacing damaged and missing teeth. There are many reasons and causes for teeth damage. However, dental implants are an ideal treatment for this. Millions of people worldwide undergo dental implant surgery every day.    What is Dental Implant Surgery Like? A titanium dental implant […]


12 Mar

How To Get Perfect Teeth- 5 Best Practices

Teeth, the most important body part, are unfortunately given the least importance and neglected most of the time. We tend to not pay attention to our white little pearls unless they give us signs of pain, cavities and staining. This is where we go wrong, as achieving healthy teeth takes a lifetime of care. It […]


11 Mar

Dental Veneers – What are Dental Veneers?

What are Dental Veneers? Dental veneers are custom-made shells that are wafer-thin used to cover the front surface of teeth made up of tooth-coloured materials designed to improve your appearance. They are also called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates. For the teeth that are changing their colour, size, shape or even length, these shells […]


26 Feb

Are Dental Implants a Smart Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth?​

Hello Readers, Let’s take a look at the necessity and importance of Tooth Implants!! Teeth! They are the most important part of the human body. Not only aesthetically but in a real healthy sense as well. If a tooth goes missing in the set of 32, you not only start looking weirdly but it also […]


6 Feb

Top Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Yes, it’s true! Now you can achieve rapid and immense improvements with the help of modern cosmetic dentistry. Isn’t that amazing! Everyone nowadays wants a healthier and more beautiful smile. And modernized dental care procedures make it possible for us. Cosmetic dentistry does not come under the treatment of dental healthcare issues or the prevention […]