How is Tooth Filling Beneficial in Preventing Tooth Decay?

The dental filling process is always beneficial as they save the tooth and also prevent it from decaying further. In a normal course when the teeth are decayed the tooth fillings help to restore the teeth from further damage. Dental fillings are of different materials and can be used as per the requirements. 


Tooth Filling


Causes of Tooth Decay

Decaying of teeth is a very common problem that affects the majority of people. This minute decay can lead to a severe level of infection if it is not treated on time. When plaque that is sticky bacterial substances starts forming on the teeth, that means your teeth have started to decay. Now, this is caused due to unhealthy oral habits. Left unaddressed, decay will work its way to the dentin, and that is when the tooth will become sensitive and the tooth cavity will need a filling. Before the decay enters the pulp of the teeth it needs to be stopped.

Only a dentist can tell you the right line of action to curb the decay in your teeth. Fortunately, a good brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits can prevent tooth decay. The first line of defence against tooth decay is to exercise good oral hygiene. But once a cavity has formed, a dentist has to repair the damage with a filling.

Tooth Filling


Tooth Decay and Tooth Filling

Now although the dentist removes the tooth decay that is the cavity from within, the tooth has already been tampered with. This hole is also known as the dental gap in the tooth is the beginning of severe dental problems. In order to stop this tooth from decaying further, the whole needs to be filled. Fillings which are also known as restorations are the primary treatment. The filling in the tooth is made of materials that are the same as the tooth colour. The materials used are composite resins, porcelain or dental amalgam which is a combination of various materials.


Strengthening The Teeth

The plaque and the bacteria are entirely prevented due to the fillings in the teeth. It stops the growth of infection and cavities. The teeth are strengthened with fillings. The teeth would not collapse inward due to the hole created due to the cavity. These teeth gap fillings are really a great invention protecting and also strengthening the teeth. Thus, tooth fillings are very beneficial.

It is well advised to visit your dentists every six months to ensure your teeth are in good shape.