Quick Straight Teeth in Rouse Hill

Straight Teeth uses either tooth-coloured brackets and wires or clear aligners, to ensure that once placed in the mouth, they are almost invisible. Quick StraightTeeth gives you fast results because we do not address major orthodontic issues. Instead, the system works to gently level and align your front teeth only, to give you straight teeth…quickly!


Clear Braces

Tooth-coloured “clear” braces use brackets and wires that are made of white or translucent materials. They blend in with your teeth, making them far less noticeable than metal orthodontic appliances.

Prefer a removable option? Clear alignment trays move your teeth using mild pressure. They’re easy to care for, and no one will ever have to know that you’re wearing braces. If you are familiar with options such as Invisalign®, Quick Straight Teeth aligners offer a more affordable alternative.

Why Straighten Your Teeth?

Having straighter teeth is the foundation to a healthy, beautiful smile. Orthodontics may be a more effective way to integrate straight teeth into your smile makeover, rather than to opt for more invasive treatments.

5 Frequently Asked Questions for Quick Straight Teeth

The quick straight teeth treatment involves an appointment that is required to examine and assess your teeth’s occlusion (bite) and smile while acquiring necessary digital photographs and x-rays. The information acquired is helpful in constructing your custom-designed braces. These braces are equipped with brackets and wires that are made of white or translucent materials, giving them a tooth-coloured appearance.

The braces are designed for minor to major teeth alignment issues which take around 4 to 24 weeks to get straightened, depending on the dental problem you have.

If you have overcrowding of teeth or misalignment, then considering quick straight teeth treatment can be an ideal choice for you. However, the best way to find out if the treatment is suitable for you is to visit your dentist for a consultation so that you get the idea if this procedure of straightening the teeth will work best for you.

Clear braces act as an aid for the misalignment or overcrowding of teeth. Braces have a reputation for rendering inconvenience and discomfort, especially due to the wires. However, the QST treatment gives the opportunity to a range of clear braces that are designed in a way so that you feel minimal discomfort for a couple of days until your mouth adjusts to the new normal of your dental appliance and hygiene. When it comes to pain, slight pain and discomfort are common at the beginning of your braces days. Gradually, it wears off, or in rare cases, dentists might ask you to resort to painkillers.

Wearing aligners for at least 20 hours a day is crucial for the treatment to work and get completed according to the typical timeline. The aligners can be removed while eating and brushing or flossing your teeth.

Due to the wires on the braces, you might come across a minor issue related to your speech. And your mouth takes some time to adjust for the initial days. But, with time, the inconvenience dissipates as your mouth adapts to the braces.


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