Amazing Benefits Of Regular Dental Care


07 October 2022

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Dental Care is one of the most underrated yet significant parts of our overall health. Some of the most common reasons why people often ignore their dental health is because of dental anxiety, cost issues or even hectic schedules. They prefer going to the dentist mostly in case of severe pain that might lead to tooth loss, gum diseases or tooth decay. 


Dental Care: Why Is it So Important? 

Regular dental care is proven to not only provide you with healthy teeth but also prevent some serious health issues. Healthy gums and teeth highly promote good overall health and a positive lifestyle. As a part of healthy dental care, routine checkups and teeth cleaning are essential. But, most people tend to ignore the need for regular checkups until they suffer severe oral problems. Did you know that maintaining good oral health is highly cost-effective with regular dentist visits and has a lot of significant health benefits? If you didn’t, you’re just at the right place. Read on to know more. 


Dental Care


Let’s cover some of the best health benefits of regular dental care you might be unaware of, until now! 


1. Reduced Risk of Certain Cancers:

Yes, you read it right! Oral bacteria can be responsible for high body inflammation. Gum disease may increase the risk of cancers, especially blood cancers if it is not treated. Hence, Dental Care is really important to reduce all these risks and to get rid of any type of oral bacteria that might lead to gum diseases in the first place.


2. Increased Brain Cell Protection 

Mouth bacteria are not just responsible for gum diseases but can also affect your brain cells. If there’s a constant tartar buildup in your mouth, it releases toxic substances that are harmful to your brain cells as well. Affected brain cells might lead to memory loss or Alzheimer’s condition. To prevent such high risks, regular oral hygiene is a must. 


3. Helps Diabetes Control 

Oral problems such as gum diseases can directly affect your blood sugar levels, making them difficult to control. This can lead to serious health issues for diabetic patients. Proper dental care can help control your blood sugar levels and lead a healthy life. 


4. Prevents Kidney Diseases

Oral bacteria promote a higher risk of suffering from chronic kidney diseases.  Failure of kidney functions might also require dialysis treatments. In the case of older patients with previous kidney problems, the bacteria can increase death risks extensively. 


5. Improves Respiratory System

Along with the risk of oral bacteria entering the bloodstream, there’s a chance of them affecting your lungs too. If the bacteria enter while breathing, they can cause serious respiratory issues and diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis. 


6. Lesser Heart Problems

If the oral bacteria gets access to your bloodstream, it can grow in your arteries and cause heart blockage. This buildup in bacteria can also increase high chances of suffering from a serious heart disease called atherosclerosis. 


7. Reduced Pregnancy Risks

Suffering from even mild gum disease can promote pregnancy issues such as early deliveries or low birth weight. Research suggests that the body naturally tends to fight the bacteria increasing the risks of premature labour.


8. Prevents Joint Inflammation

The condition of inflammation in joints, blood vessels in the heart, is known as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Oral bacteria can also be a cause of inflammation in your body, increasing the risk of several inflammation diseases including RA.


General Benefits

But, that’s not all! Regular dental care can save you from regular oral health issues and diseases. Healthy teeth chew the consumed food properly and promote a healthy digestive system. Good digestion is essential for the ideal growth of the body. 

Tooth sensitivity is also one of the most common issues amongst people in the age group of 30-40. The effects of tooth sensitivity can also be reduced by regular brushing (using the dentist’s recommended sensitive toothpastes) and teeth cleaning.   

Teeth whitening treatments can also be avoided just by using the right technique of regular brushing. These include covering the inner surfaces, outer surfaces and chewing surfaces of your teeth.  

Further, dental care also prevents bad breath problems and the build-up of cavities. Having healthy teeth reduces healthcare costs as teeth replacements, dental implants and root canals are costly oral treatments that can be avoided through good oral hygiene practices. 

Now that you’re aware of these vital health benefits of dental care, chances are that you decide to start practising regular oral hygiene yourself. Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care provides professional oral health services including physical dental exams and cleanings. With professional assistance from an experienced dentist, you can be sure about having healthy teeth and gums.

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