Are Dental Implants a Smart Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth?​

Tooth Implats by Rouse Hill Smiles Dental CareHello Readers, Let’s take a look at the necessity and importance of Tooth Implants!!

Teeth! They are the most important part of the human body. Not only aesthetically but in a real healthy sense as well. If a tooth goes missing in the set of 32, you not only start looking weirdly but it also affects the health of your entire teeth set.

You know that you need to replace your missing teeth when you look at your smile in the mirror. Biting, chewing, and speaking clearly becomes an issue apart from these gaps distracting those that see your smile.

In addition, they can lead to additional tooth loss in the future as your jaw bone loses strength and density without tooth roots to keep them stimulated. This makes it necessary to go for treatment.

There are different treatment options for missing teeth like dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Although for keeping teeth in their proper alignment, bridges and dentures are useful, they fall short when compared to dental implants.

Through this blog of ours, you will understand why tooth implant is considered the gold standard of tooth replacement.

Natural and Clean Looking:


What are dental implants?

The Implants are nothing but tooth-like looking How it looks like - Tooth Implantstooth. To be more precise they are made up of porcelain or composite materials having a natural translucence.

These being translucent, the light bounces off them and shines through them just as with your natural teeth. Each implant is custom-designed to match your smile’s shape and colour and is shaped like an individual tooth.  Without the tell-tale wires or adhesives of dentures or bridges, the implants also rest within your gums.

Securely Rooted:


The surrounding teeth are used as anchors when other tooth replacement options, such as bridges, are done to hold the false teeth in place while they are secured to your gums with adhesives in case of dentures.

While in the case of dental implants, they exactly look like teeth from above but have a metal root made of titanium.

Now, the dentist will actually screw it that is implant this tooth in your bone and let it heal for a few months. Your dentist caps it with an abutment once the post is secure and stable. The piece that holds your custom-designed porcelain crown is called an abutment.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about avoiding tough or hard foods like steaks, bagels, and apples with this treatment. That’s how secured a tooth implant is.

Healthy Mouth:


A healthy stress is created by the normal pressure of chewing with both your natural teeth and dental implants keeping your jawbone strong. So you don’t develop the lower-face sagging that some denture wearers have as dental implants preserve the density and shape of your jawline.

The dental implant makes sure that bacteria can’t reach your gums or bone as it fills the space left by your missing tooth keeping the surrounding teeth in healthy alignment. Thus your mouth will remain healthy. You can look out for specialists in dental implants in Sydney to get your implant done.




Your dental implants could last a lifetime with proper care. must clean them thoroughly and regularly, just like your real teeth to ensure that the dental implants don’t develop cavities or stains. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is the thumb rule of healthy white teeth, even after implant.

Tooth replacement, no doubt is thus the best option for missing teeth. Do not bother about the dental implants cost when its the whole teeth you are dealing with as this can actually give you or take away from you a happy painless life.