9 questions to ask your dentist before your kids go under sedation

No benefits of anaesthesia outweigh the risks of sedation to your kids if you have no correct general knowledge about the procedure. Over the years, several blunders in sedating children during their dental procedures have led to misfortune circumstances.

You might think of getting the most experienced dentist or never getting your child sedated. But isn’t there any way of preventing such errors in the future? 

When it comes to a tooth pulled out or getting crowns, children could be writhing in pain that is unbearable for them and can be lowered by using local anaesthesia. So, you as a parent cannot deny a pain-less dental procedure for your child, but you could consider nine questions to ask your dentist before your kids go under sedation.


1. What is the procedure the paediatric dentist has planned to perform, and why that procedure?

  • Now, you might not know about the terms or the entire procedure, but you should always be informed of all the steps that are being performed on your child. You must also know the kind of procedure and reason for choosing that procedure to take a second opinion if there is any other method that is more appropriate.

2. What are the professional’s experiences related to this procedure?

  • An experienced dentist and paediatric anesthesiologist is your better choice when your child’s dental care is the main concern. 

3. Will there be any need to sedate the child before the procedure? If yes, then what are the medicines that will be given? Also, what kind of anaesthesia will be injected or inhaled by the child?

  • This is one of the most crucial queries that a parent must ask. There should be a proper and straightforward answer to every medicine they are using on your child.

4. How many professionals will be present during the procedure?

  • For a safe procedure that requires deep sedation, you must inquire if an anaesthesia professional or an oral surgeon trained in anaesthesia will be present to help out your kid or not. 

5. How long does the procedure take, and will there be equipment present for monitoring the kid?

  • Monitoring and observing the child’s movement at this point is quite essential. You should ask if equipment like pulse oximetry, EKG, end-tidal carbon dioxide monitors, etc., are present to keep track of your kid’s health.

Some more questions to ask, include: 


6.  How long will it take the child to fully wake up after the procedure?

7. What kind of recovery-set up area is available after the procedure is done?

8. How soon can the child get discharged after the dental surgery or procedure?

9. What are the after measures that should be taken if the child comes across unusual bleeding, unusual pain, gets a fever, among others?


The questions mentioned above build up your confidence towards sedation dentistry for children and provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child to undergo a serious procedure. However, one must always get a second opinion from a health practitioner before undergoing any serious or critical procedure.


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