What Are Mini Dental Implants? Cost, pros, and cons explained

Losing a tooth due to gum disease, oral trauma, tooth decay, among other dental issues, affects your ability to enjoy your food, creates hurdles in your diet, and ruins your smile. Nowadays, dental implants are a common and most approachable procedure when it concerns a loose tooth. Over the years, tooth implants have developed a lot and today the process can take as less as 20 to 30 minutes, depending on a variety of factors.

Mini dental implants are a new technology designed to form the solution for replacing teeth and a much easier procedure than any other dental implant. Since mini dental implants are less invasive, require no bone grafts or multiple surgeries, and fit in smaller spaces, they are much preferred over traditional implants.

However, when it comes to tooth replacement, you must understand all your options to make the right decision. Therefore, we will discuss mini dental implants, their cost, advantages and drawbacks and the reason for their popularity. 

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants placed through the gum into the jawbones are a smaller version of regular implants but with the same structure that offers a secure connection for your artificial teeth. An alternative to invasive surgery and conventional restoration methods, mini dental implants involve a tiny titanium rod that’s less than 3mm in diameter with a small ball on the exposed end. 

This less invasive technique is an ideal solution if you lack the bone mass in your jaw to support the implant and offers long-term support while helping you to eat, speak and laugh with confidence. 

How Are Mini Dental Implants Different From Traditional Implants And Dental Implants?

A plethora of options, such as bridges, upper dentures, or new dental implants, are available when there is a need for tooth replacement. 

Placement: Dental implants of any kind depend on the state of your jaw and teeth, whereas mini implants are not required to be entirely attached to the jawbone since they don’t involve bone grafts. 

Durability: Mini implants are just as effective as a standard dental implant and can last for a very long time. Hence, a great option and more likely to be chosen over the traditional approach.

Bone resorption: If you have a history of bone resorption, which is the absorption of bone tissue that results in the transfer of calcium from the bone tissue to your bloodstream, then mini implants are a better solution.

A less invasive procedure: While mini implants involve a quick process and can be executed in one appointment, traditional implants require more invasive procedures or surgeries and more than one appointment to deliver your new teeth. 

Recovery period: Unlike the traditional implants, mini implants take about one appointment for the whole procedure and deliver your new teeth the same day as the appointment. You can flaunt your new teeth right away without a waiting period. (Note that there will be soreness after any implant and the first 48 hours is vital for elevated aftercare)

Pros And Cons Of Mini Dental Implants 


  • There is no involvement of complicated or invasive surgery.
  • Bone augmentation methods are not needed.
  • Little to no risk of nerve damage due to its smaller size.
  • Renders a quick and easy recovery.


  • If you have an issue with teeth grinding, then it can wear down mini implants.
  • Regardless of the absence of bone material, you would still need enough vertical bone to support and accommodate your mini implant.
  • There is narrow research on the durability and longevity of mini dental implants.

Mini Dental Implants Cost

The cost of mini dental implants vary with regards to many aspects of this procedure:

  • The state of the bone.
  • The duration and complexity of the process.
  • The materials involved. 
  • The amount and kind of anaesthesia needed.

Mini Dental Implants Candidate

The suitable candidate for mini dental implants are:

  • The patients who have small teeth.
  • The patients who have lost a lot of bone.
  • Those who need replacement of front teeth or upper teeth.
  • Someone who needs restoration in narrow spaces.
  • People who wish for a restored and healthy smile quickly.

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