3 Things Your Mouth Can Tell You About Your Health

Did you know that problems with your teeth or gums may hint at deeper health concerns in your body? If you think skipping your regular dental cleaning isn’t a huge deal, you’re wrong. There is a strong correlation between dental health and overall wellness, according to research. Oral problems can begin and progress swiftly, even if you aren’t aware of them.


Dental specialists not only fix teeth, but also clean them, check your gums for health, and look for irregularities that could otherwise go missed but could indicate broader health problems. You’ll be doing yourself a major favour in the long term if you stay up with regular dental cleanings and checkups. 


Here are a few signs you might want to pay attention to.


1. You’re experiencing a sudden burst of cavities.


If you’re someone who has gone through life without many cavities and you suddenly find yourself with multiples at your next visit, it could be an indicator of diabetes. When your body begins to have trouble processing glucose, it can build up in saliva and latch on to your teeth. Of course, other causes may be consuming too many sweets or a sudden change in medication.


2. It seems like your teeth are wearing away.


While grinding your teeth can cause the surface to wear away, a more serious cause of erosion is gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as GERD. When stomach acids leak into your esophagus, you might experience a burning sensation in your throat or chest. GERD can also affect your teeth, as acids wear away enamel. GERD can be treated with both over the counter or prescription medications.


3. Your gums constantly bleed while brushing.


Sound familiar? It may be an early sign of gingivitis, a gum disorder that can lead to serious periodontitis that causes the gums to pull back from the teeth. People who suffer from periodontitis can experience trouble beyond their mouth, as some studies have indicated they’re more prone to experience a higher rate of heart disease.


Bleeding gums may also be a sign that you’re brushing or flossing too hard.


Are you experiencing any of these three health issues? If so, it’s time to visit our practice. Contact us today to schedule your visit.