Things to Know About Children’s Dental Hygiene

Why is children’s dental care important?

Oral health plays a vital role in the overall physical health of any child. Its ignorance can affect the psychological, social, and functional dimensions of a child’s well-being. 

Also, having oral pain causes a lot of distress to a child’s health that includes loss of sleep, behavioral problems, poor growth, oral diseases, etc. Therefore, proper routine checkups by pediatric dentist are necessary to let your child grow healthily.

How to improve children’s dental health?

Good dental habits are necessary to achieve strong teeth and optimum dental hygiene. Along with regular visits to child dental care clinics, there are several factors you need to take care of.

Let’s take a look at strong oral care tips that will set good dental habits as your child grows-

  • Fluoride Supplement:

Fluoride helps reduce cavities in baby teeth. It hardens the tooth enamel that makes teeth strong. If you are not using ‘reverse osmosis’ water filters, your children will get fluoride through drinking water itself. Otherwise, you can give oral fluoride supplements to your child.  

Excess consumption of fluoride can cause tooth stains. So, follow all required instructions given by child dentistry.

  • Brush Properly:

Use a soft child-size brush for your child. Teach them to spread toothpaste all through their teeth, tongue, and gums and make a habit of brushing teeth for at least 2 minutes. You can also visit child dentistry in Rouse Hill to learn the right way to brush your child’s teeth.

  • Cavities:

Cavities are nothing but holes that form in the teeth. It occurs when bacteria builds up in the mouth. 

As it is difficult to brush your child’s teeth, cavities become a common dental issue among children. A regular general dental examination can identify this issue timely and will guide you on how to overcome it.

  • Mouth Guard:

Dental safety is also an important part of dental hygiene. Children should use a mouth guard if they are playing any sport or are into some playground activity. 

Mouth guard is a covering on teeth and seldom on the lips that protects a child’s mouth from injuries. 

You can visit Rouse Hill smiles dental care to opt for a mouth guard at affordable rates.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a dental care program run by the Australian Government.

It covers benefits up to $1000 over 2 consecutive years for children who are eligible for this program. CDBS covers general dental services such as routine cleaning, check-ups, root canals, fillings, repairing cracked teeth, etc.