Oral Sedation Dentistry – What to Let Your Dentist Know?

Are you someone who is nervous or afraid of dental treatment and constantly thinks about it? We are aware of the situation. It may require a little faith at first to believe that dentistry is achievable if you go to a dentist that offers sedation to make things easier for you.


What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is sometimes known as sleep dentistry by dentists. After receiving the sedation dentistry medication, the patient usually is awake. When the dentist gives anaesthesia, the patient falls asleep ultimately.


Say Goodbye to Anxiety!

In fear and anxiety, you become hypersensitive to even a bit of sensation, noise, and pricks. Due to this “fight or flight” instinct, you anticipate that something will hurt you, so you tense your muscles, even if it is subconscious, which causes more pain during and after the treatment.


The whole purpose of sedation is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as needed for the treatment. The sedation lets you let your guards down, keep your body and mind calm, and feel peaceful without realising any pain.


Safe and Effective

Oral sedation dentistry gives you the confidence and peace of mind to approach dental procedures in a completely different light. Hours appear to pass in a flash with necessary dental care completed in ease. When you are relaxed, your dentist can operate more efficiently because they can focus on the task at hand, safe knowing that you are at ease.


Although this is the safest and effective process, you must ensure your safety. But how? Let’s take a look.


How to Ensure Safety – What To Let Your Dentist Know

It is vital to provide your complete medical history to the dentist, including:

  • Any existing medical issues you are getting treatment for.
  • All prescription pharmaceuticals, as well as regular medications, treatments, and supplements (including aspirin).
  • Herbal or alternative supplements.
  • Certain meals (including drinks) can cause the sedative medication to be metabolised by their enzymes.
  • Also about factors such as smoking and alcohol intake, as these can affect the effectiveness of sedative drugs.


You Are Not Alone

Click on sedation dentist near me and talk to Rouse Hill Smiles dentists about your fears and worries so you can decide together which treatment is best for you. 


Step out of the shadow of fear and into the calm of sedation dentistry. You are not alone, and you no longer have to be afraid.