How To Find An Emergency Dentist?

Dental pain and tooth issues are unbearable. There are chances that in many cases you need a dentist immediately. Finding a dentist in these dire emergency times becomes difficult. To find one near you is yet another task.  With this article, we will help find emergency dentists and explain what constitutes an emergency.

There are various reasons why you might require emergency dental care. These emergencies can be categorised into 2 main categories: A Damage that is Visible and Excruciating Pain due to Underlying Problems like an Infection or Abscess. 

Check out what constitutes emergency dental care below:


Emergency Dental Care Scenarios

  • An accident that has damaged your teeth or mouth
  • Loss of a tooth (known as an avulsed tooth)
  • A crack or fracture to a tooth
  • A tooth that is loose or has been knocked out of alignment (known as an extruded tooth)
  • An impact that causes severe tooth pain even when there is no visible damage
  • Wounds to the tissue of the lips, tongue or cheeks, even if teeth are unaffected
  • Serious infection or abscess
  • Severe pain, swelling or bleeding that develops soon after other dental treatment such as a filling, root canal, wisdom tooth extraction, or dental implant
  • Loss of a dental filling or crown

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How to Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

You can find a dentist during emergencies in the below ways:


Emergency during Office Hours:

If it is within office hours then you can easily make an emergency appointment. You will have to just find the right dentist to attend to your emergency in your vicinity. 


Out-of-hours Dentist Appointments

The problem occurs when the emergencies arise when it is a Sunday or an out of hours for a dentist. If the emergency is at night, things can get complicated as finding a dentist in your locality at such short notice is a problem. You can check out a few ways to reach the dentist below:


Finding an emergency dentist number

Check for a 24 hours dentist in your area. Call your regular dentist and ask if the doctor can attend to you on an emergency basis. If you can’t reach them they might be having a recorded message to reach the emergency dentist. You can try them to reach a dentist emergency 24 hours.


Book an emergency dentist online

With the world being tech-savvy you can book an emergency dentist appointment online. You can search for emergency dentists online and book an appointment from there.


Have an online dental consultation

Many regular hospitals would have a dental walk-in consultation. So you can also approach them in case of emergencies.

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