Five Common Ways to Damage Your Teeth

Five Common Ways to Damage Your Teeth

You go out to parties, eat snacks, have sodas, but have you ever wondered about the health of those pearly whites that add to the beauty of your glowing smile? However, in your daily routine, you often fail to take appropriate measures to protect this vital part of the body. Consider whether or not you are guilty of the following? If so, now is the time to put your efforts into oral hygiene.

The first and foremost comes the problem of binge eating of food rich in sugar. Sugar has a direct connection to tooth decay. After eating food that contains sugar, the molecules of sugar combines with saliva and bacteria present in the mouth. This combination leads to the formation of a sticky colorless or pale yellow film, also known as plaque. If this plaque is not removed periodically, then this layer, with due course of time, mineralize to form a hard yellow substance known as tartar. Thus, you should reduce the intake of sugary food and always remember to brush and floss your teeth regularly, after consuming a treat high in sugar.

The next problem which arises, is the problem of chewing ice. Chewing ice is bad for your teeth because it can damage your tooth enamel, or the protective layer that shields your teeth from decay. This problem of excess eating of ice is known as phagophia and can lead to some serious dental problems.

The next one is a very common problem in which people use their teeth as a tool, for opening bottle caps, sachets of spices, eating some nuts, etc. However, doing so is a quick way to break or damage your teeth. This leads to chipping and cracking of teeth. Thus, you should use handheld tools rather than using your pearly whites.

Smoking cigarettes can lead to a lot of oral problems. It can result in bad breath, tooth discoloration, inflammation of the salivary gland openings, increase in the buildup of plaque and tartar, increased loss of bone within the jaw, and risk of developing a gum disease which may lead to gum cancer. So, it is advisable to quit smoking.

The last comes the problem of skipping routine maintenance. We must periodically go to our dentist for our regular dental checkup.