Do You Need a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

It is a common practice for the dentist to recommend deep teeth cleaning. This line of treatment is advised for gum disease or to treat periodontal. Generally, deep cleaning is advised to people who have not gone through regular dental cleanings.


What Is A Deep Teeth Cleaning?


Dentists refer to deep teeth cleaning as gum scaling or gum therapy that is designed specifically to clean between the teeth and gums down to the roots. In regular dental cleaning, the front, back, and sides of the teeth are cleaned along with the area above the gum line, but the tooth is cleaned till the roots when it comes to deep root cleaning. In this process, the dentist continues below the gum line and removes tartar and other build-up formed between the gums and root of the tooth. The tartar and plaque are trapped in the pocket of teeth and gums as they open up during gum diseases, making it essential to go in for deep teeth cleaning.


Generally, the gap between gums and the teeth and its root is 3 mm, but if the gap increases to 5mm and more, the dentist will recommend a deep tooth cleaning. The entire procedure takes up to two sittings with the dentist. The dentist will look into the period scaling or gums during the first sitting, while the second sitting will be for root planning. Local anesthesia is given during this process. 

Several weeks after the deep cleaning is done, a follow-up visit may be required to ensure that the procedure went well and that the gums are healing properly.

Is a Deep Teeth Cleaning Necessary?


Whether you need deep teeth cleaning procedure is entirely dependent on your oral hygiene and dentist’s examination. The dentist will examine your teeth and gums and take appropriate x-rays to understand the gum condition better if you have gone to the dentist with a complaint. 

If you have developed gingivitis and your gums are pulling away from the teeth, your dentist will advise you for deep teeth cleaning. Gingivitis creates pockets between your teeth and gums, giving rice to tartar accumulation. During such cases, the dentist will immediately go for deep teeth cleaning procedure.

So, it entirely depends upon your oral health. You can avoid deep teeth cleaning by following regular teeth cleaning two times a year. This will keep your teeth clean, gums healthy and zero tartar or plaque accumulation. Regular teeth cleaning will also help your dentist in understanding the health of the gums and teeth. Your dentist will be in a better position to prevent the problem from growing further with regular check-ups. As they say, “Prevention is better than Cure”.

So, book your appointment now at Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care to avoid gingivitis. If you face any problems with your gums, you can take up emergency appointments with our well known and well-experienced dentist Dr Teena.