Discover The Hidden Truth About Your Dental Filling

Are you scared of dental filling? Don’t be, it is a normal procedure to be followed. The following facts about tooth fillings may help ease your mind about this common tooth restoration procedure.


Myth #1: Tooth Fillings Cause Health Problems

Tooth filling | Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care

The Truth: Tooth fillings can prevent certain health problems.

The composite resin, porcelain ceramic or other body-friendly products are used as the filling materials and not the metal amalgam fillings. composite resin tooth-coloured fillings are used by the Rouse Hill Dentists if you have mild to moderate dental decay or a crack in your tooth which will alleviate pain, without letting the tooth functionality hamper. The tooth cavity is prevented due to tooth filling. 


Myth #2: It Hurts to Get a Tooth Filling

The Truth: Receiving a tooth filling isn’t painful.

It’s just like an ant bite, and that too only when the local anesthesia is given and not when the procedure is going on. Nothing is felt all through the procedure as the anaesthesia would have numbed the area. It actually hurts patients more to opt-out of a tooth filling procedure which can make a decaying tooth much more painful. If you are still scared about pain with tooth fillings, tell our dental team about your anxiety. 


Myth #3: If Your Tooth Isn’t Painful, You Don’t Need a Filling

Dental filling | Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care

The Truth: Cavities don’t always cause pain. 

The tooth is a part of the body and just like anywhere else in the body, a mild hurt will not cause severe pain. Similarly, a minor decay does not cause any severe pain or different symptoms. If the decay is unattended and it penetrates through the nerve, only then the consequences are bad as they cause a lot of pain then. This leads to root canaling of tooth extraction if the condition is worse. 

To know that your teeth are in good condition and to avoid any such tooth infection situation, it is best advised to visit your dentist on a regular basis that is at least every 6 months once. You can visit the Rouse Hill dentist for general teeth check-up or any kind of treatment. Contact us to know more about the treatments offered and the tooth filling cost.