Baby Teeth Root Canal Treatment: When and Why?

A root canal treatment refers to protecting adult molars that got infected due to a deep bacterial infection. However, this kind of treatment seems too aggressive when it comes to a baby teeth root canal treatment. 


It comes as a shock to many people about children getting this treatment, but dentists suggest root canals on baby teeth when the cavity seems too close to the nerve, which can invite severe pain or fall off of a premature tooth. 


When does your kid need a baby root canal procedure or Endodontic Treatment?


When the cavity is too close to the nerve, it generates pain and causes the nerve to become irritable. At the same time, large cavities require more attention and an alternative treatment than a filling or crown since they can not heal the damaged nerve. This will call the need for the nerve treatment known as pulpotomy, a baby root canal.


Pain can be inflicted in toddlers for numerous reasons, but if you find that your kid has constant and unprovoked pain, then it indicates an infection or injury that most probably exists in the pulp of their teeth. 


The truth behind the baby tooth


Now, the parents might think of losing their child’s premature tooth to this problem since the baby teeth fall out eventually. As a matter of fact, modern doctors or the paediatric dentists of the 21st century recommend that preserving a baby tooth is as important as salvaging an adult tooth. 


Why does your child need a baby root canal procedure?


  • We know that all premature teeth don’t fall at the same time. This is because each tooth protects the alignment and space of the permanent teeth that helps in formation. The moment a tooth falls and leaves the space before its time, the remaining teeth will spread out in an attempt to fill the gap, which can result in crooked and overlapping teeth. 
  • This puts the child in an unpleasant situation since cleaning and maintaining crooked teeth adds to extensive dentistry visits. 
  • The loss of a premature tooth can lead to distorting speech development.
  • If a baby tooth falls before its time, then your toddler can also come across a few difficulties while chewing their food.


The reasons above make the paediatric dentists take all measures and efforts to save your kid’s baby teeth.


Root Canal Treatment: Method 1 – Pulpotomy


When the damage is located only to the crown of the tooth, then the paediatric dentists perform a pulpotomy which requires them to remove the inflamed pulp chamber and fill the vacant space using dental cement and stainless steel. This will help the teeth to remain intact with the root until its natural time to fall off. (Note that the dentist do not hurt the tooth root area and leave it intact and alive during the procedure)


Root Canal Treatment: Method 2 – Pulpectomy


When the damage reaches both the crown and root parts of the tooth and is infected, the dentist must treat it through pulpectomy. This process needs the dentist to carefully remove the entire pulp material from the affected root and the crown. Then the step of cleaning and disinfecting the pulp chamber and the root of the tooth takes place. And the last step involves a crown on the tooth. 


Root Canal procedures are essential during the initial days since they save the baby teeth and preserve the formation of newly growing permanent teeth. Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care provides every possible detail and dental recommendation on your problems in the best way possible. Visit or contact us today for more information.