Are we brushing teeth the wrong way?

Were you aware that there is something known as the right way of brushing your teeth and the wrong way?


Well, there sure is a right and wrong way. We brush our teeth the way our parents taught us and they brush the way their parents taught. No one knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. It is when we visit the dentist that we understand the right way of brushing. The oral discomfort we often face is because of the wrong way of brushing. 


Through this blog, we have listed out a few points that specify the right way of brushing. So read on.


Your tiny white pearls are the most valuable assets given only once (permanent teeth set). This means that you need to protect them and take care of them to be with you all through your life. The first step towards protecting your teeth is to brush them the right way. Yet, most people do not know the right way to brush, which amazes the entire dental fraternity. So, we at Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care has compiled four essential techniques that you and your family need to develop starting today.


Four Essential Teeth Brushing Techniques


Only Use a Soft-Bristled Brush


Selecting the toothbrush is the most crucial part as not all the brushes are according to the recommended standards. So, instead of selecting brushes based on their looks, colour and design, it is advised that you read the Australian Dental Association (ADA) prescribed standard for toothbrushes and buy them accordingly. Bristles should not be very soft nor very hard, but they must be just apt to be gentle on the teeth and gums. ADA also recommends replacing your toothbrushes every three to four months on a standard note. But if the bristles wear out before this period, you will have to change them more frequently. 


Use a 45 Degree Angle


Have you ever been advised about the angle at which you need to hold the brush while brushing? Well, yes, there is an angle at which you need to hold the toothbrush that is 45 degrees while it is inside your mouth. Although you might not know angles at such a young age, the position you should hold it in must be taught. By doing so, the toothbrush can more effectively clean your gum line. If gums are not cleaned properly, they accumulate tartar or plaque, which causes severe gum infections.


Short Circular Strokes

Brushing your teeth from left to right, front and back, is not the right way of brushing, which generally all the kids, leading them to teeth damage. You must understand that teeth must be brushed and not scrubbed. To begin from the gumline and move up and down in small circular motions.


Take Your Time

You would have heard that teeth must be brushed for at least 2 minutes and two times a day. But do you follow it? Well, this is one of the thumb rules of brushing your teeth. You must give ample time to brushing and not just move the brush across your teeth and start with your day. 


These are the four essentials of brushing your teeth correctly.

We are sure that, from now on, you will be brushing your teeth the right way. Won’t you?


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