6 Foods That Can Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

We all want a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Healthy teeth and gums enhance your appearance and help promote overall health and let you feel great throughout. So, what is the best way to keep your teeth healthy? We have already discussed the 4 important oral health habits you should adopt in our previous dental care benefits article. Let’s check out these 6 foods that can help keep your teeth healthy and promote a dazzling smile.


Foods that can keep your teeth healthy

Fruits & Vegetables


Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are good for our bodies. But did you know that they’re good for your teeth too? 

Some fruits are naturally high in sugar, but they also contain substantial amounts of water and fibre. It is beneficial because the fibres (in a carrot or celery) can help you scrub your teeth clean, just like a toothbrush, and the water present in fruits and vegetables helps your mouth to create enough saliva to wash away all the bacteria caused by other food. Also, many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamin C that help keep your gums strong.


Quick tip:


We understand that some of you might have a sweet tooth and love to have dessert after every meal. But, fruits like apples can be a tasty and nutritious replacement for any sugary treats. So next time, instead of grabbing a candy bar or dessert, eat an apple!


Calcium-Rich Foods – Protect Your Teeth


The first and the basic thing we learn about our teeth is they need calcium to get strength. And when it comes to the protection of your teeth’s enamel, calcium is a must. Bones and teeth are like the storage units for calcium and other minerals in your body. If the rest of the body lacks calcium, it is taken out from the bones and teeth. This is a normal process of the human body; however, it means that you need to have enough calcium in your everyday meal to recover from the loss.

There are a lot of foods that are rich in calcium like tofu, almonds (with skin on), fish with bones, non-dairy milk with added calcium, cheese, some other types of nuts and leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. Consuming these foods can help maintain calcium levels in your body.

For more information about calcium-rich foods, reach out to our dentists at Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care


Eat Fish – Vitamin D Keeps Your Teeth Healthy!


Eating calcium-rich foods can keep your teeth healthy and strong, but it won’t be good if you don’t have enough vitamin D to absorb it. 

To ensure that your body has an adequate amount of vitamin D, consider eating fish to help your body absorb the calcium your teeth need to stay healthy. Salmon and other fatty fish, in particular, are sure to provide the vitamin D your body needs to put its calcium to good use. 


Quick tip:


Spending a few minutes in the sun can also help you generate vitamin D.


Green or Black Tea


Both green and black tea contain adequate amounts of polyphenols that are effective at killing the bacteria found in plaque, which also prevents it from multiplying or attacking the enamel of your teeth by adding more fluoride to your diet. This makes green and black tea an excellent option to enjoy during or after meals when your teeth could be exposed to harmful acids through food.


Quick tip:


Even cranberries contain polyphenols, but you should avoid the packaged juice available in the market since the fruit is so tart that most of its products usually contain a significant amount of sugar.




Surprisingly, chocolate is good for your teeth! Well, don’t get too excited. We are talking about dark chocolate here. It contains at least 50-70% cacao that has been proven to keep your teeth healthy and strong. 

Be sure to enjoy it in moderation and (of course) brush your teeth after eating a piece or two. 


Quick tip:


You should avoid chocolates with nuts and consider storing them at room temperature if you have braces. 


Sugar-Free Gum


Xylitol is the common ingredient in sugar-free chewing gums and has antibacterial action to help keep your mouth clean. Also, sugar-free gum helps promote saliva production, which further strengthens tooth enamel and assists in the removal of plaque from around the teeth.


Water is As Important As Any Food


While most teenagers, toddlers, and young adults love to sip their sugary beverages from juice, soda, to wine, they must understand that these liquids also feed the bacteria in your mouth. 

Therefore, experts at Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care recommend drinking water (which contains fluoride) instead of sugary drinks to maintain the bright pearly whites you have. 

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