5 Tips for Overcoming Dental Fear

Did you know that your oral health will get jeopardised if you do not take care of it? Dental anxiety and fear of the dentist or going through dental treatment will worsen oral health. We at Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care have seen patients with dental anxiety. It is nothing but a debilitating phobia that makes it nearly impossible for the patient to sit through the dental exam due to nervousness about visiting the dentist.


Your overall health is majorly dependent on your oral health. Problems start occurring if dental fear prevents you from visiting your dentist for regular checkups. Cavities begin to develop between your teeth and gums, causing severe problems spreading to other parts of the body.


Dr. Teena at Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care will help you overcome dental phobia through this article. Check out the five tips that will help you overcome your dental anxiety.


1. Know What To Expect


It is always recommended to know exactly what is going to happen during the dental examination. Being unaware of it will cause anxiety during the actual process. It is better to understand what we as a dentist would do and why we would do it. You can talk to your dentist before fixing the appointment and get complete clarity about the process. You can google as well. 


2. Being Calm


It is always better to cure it rather than preventing it. Same is the case with dental anxiety. By being calm, you can avoid pressure before an appointment. Yoga helps a lot in such cases. You can practice a few relaxing poses of yoga before the appointment to keep your mind calm. During the appointment, you can try deep breathing or using a fidget spinner to relieve the stress.


3. Get Along a Close Relative/Friend


Generally, having a close relative or friend by your side helps in boosting your morale and keeping you out of dental phobia. Their support and your trust in them works wonders. So, getting them to your dental appointment would help you keep calm. Their presence would help your confidence level.


4. Distracting Yourself


Waiting for your turn at the dental care can be the most stressful time for someone already going through dental anxiety. To help you through this, it is recommended to distract yourself by reading a book, playing a game on your phone, or listening to soothing music. The key here is to distract the mind entirely from the fact that you have come for the dental treatment, so you need to occupy your mind with something else.


5. Seeking Help


Dental fear or anxiety is not unique; it is very common as we see such patients every day. You can always ask us for help; You can talk to us regarding your issues and fears openly to help you. If you shy away from talking to us, it will make things harder for you. So it is well recommended that you speak to us about the dental fear you have while booking an appointment.


Take good care of your teeth and entire oral health. Do not let dental anxiety or fear of dentists keep you from paying attention to your oral health.

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