10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Let’s take a closer look at 10 interesting teeth whitening facts with this in mind.


Fact 1 – Your teeth have pores

Your teeth, like your skin, have pores. Any coloured food you consume will seep into those pores. Wine, dark berries, coffee, and smoking all have a strong staining effect on teeth. Teeth whitening gel that has been adequately designed absorbs your teeth and softly pushes stains out through the pores.


Fact 2 – It doesn’t damage your teeth

Forcefully brushing your teeth can be harmful. When used as directed, professional teeth lightening is very safe. Whitening procedures use active chemicals to open pores in your teeth and remove stains temporarily. Your teeth will remineralise after each treatment.


Fact 3 – Method of delivery is the Key

A fully custom-fitted whitening tray ensures that every angle of every tooth is evenly and consistently covered, regardless of whether your teeth are straight or not. Fitted whitening trays, unlike boil and bite trays, whitening strips, and UV lamps, remove the chance of irregularities and allow you to keep your beautiful smile.


Fact 4 – Custom fitted trays and kits are expensive

The cost of having your teeth professionally whitened varies depending on where you live. In Australia, for instance, prices start at around $150 per session, with some clinics charging upwards of $300! However, if you’re looking to save money, there are ways to do this yourself using an online DIY kit provided by Rouse Hill Smiles Dental Care. Get your kit now!!


Fact 5 – Sensitivity is normal

More than 44% of Australians have inherently sensitive teeth. Genetics, poor enamel or cracked/damaged teeth are the most common causes. It is natural for sensitivity to occur during the whitening procedure.


Fact 6 – Professional teeth whitening is temporary

UV Light or Laser whitens teeth quickly, and it is not recommended for those who have sensitive teeth. Furthermore, the outcomes are temporary and must be maintained. The procedure is both costly and time-consuming.


Fact 7 – Stains cannot be removed overnight

No product in the market can whiten your teeth in a minute or hours. The truth is that teeth whitening might take from 4 days to months. Customers with severe stains should be patient, and once the stains are gone, it’s easy to keep clean.


Fact 8 – Caps and veneers cannot be whitened

Artificial caps and veneers are made to match the colour of your natural teeth when they are placed. The hue of the material is generated darker (or lighter) and cannot be modified. Caps and veneers will not stain or whiten.


Fact 9 – Teeth whitening is best before going to bed

Rouse Hill Smiles and teeth whitening dentists recommend whitening before bed because it decreases the chance of discolouration and allows your teeth to begin rehydrating and remineralising during the night.


Fact 10 – Not everyone’s teeth can be perfectly white

The natural colour of an individual’s teeth is set from birth, regardless of stains. All a whitening product can do is eliminate all of the stains that have built up over time. Unfortunately, most dentists will not tell you this, and if it doesn’t work, they will not give you a refund.


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